T&B Black Pepper

2 oz Oaken Gin 3 big premium cherries, such as Griottines 1 tsp Demerara sugar 1/4 oz Eau de vie (overproof) 2 dashes Twisted & Bitter Black Pepper Bitters Place cherries into a highball glass. Spoon sugar over cherries. Pour eau de vie over cherries. Set it on fire (carefully!). […]

Royal Cherries Jubilee

1 oz Victoria Gin 1/2 oz – 3/4 oz Shrub syrup (see below) dash of Twisted & Bitter Black Pepper soda Combine first three ingredients with ice in shaker. Shake. Strain into tumbler with fresh ice. Press with soda and add a few pickled berries for garnish. The Schrub: Macerate […]

The Saskatoon Spring

1/2 oz Victoria Gin (or Oaken Gin) 1/2 oz Martini Rosso 1 dash Twisted & Bitter Black Pepper pinch of salt 2 oz premium tonic Build on ice in a 5 oz glass. Created for us by Solomon Siegel, for Tales of the Cocktail 2013.