Bitters are highly concentrated tinctures of herbs, spices, fruits and spirits. They don’t just belong at the bar but have huge potential in the kitchen to add depth and kick to food.  Twisted & Bitter are handmade in small batches on Vancouver Island by Victoria Distillers with a copper pot still.  Each flavour adds character and complexity to food and drink without sweetness.


BLACK PEPPER: Bold and spicy, these kick over a duck terrine and are killer in a Caesar. Like all our bitters, they make sparkling water sing.
GINGER: These were released in Fall/Winter 2015 just in time to spice up holiday cocktails & baking and liven up your Moscow Mule.
ROSEMARY GRAPEFRUIT: A dash of these fresh, herbaceous bitters brighten citrus and savoury dishes and cocktails. The perfect spike in a G&T.
ORANGE: A cocktail classic, Orange bitters bring depth, citrus and spice. Try them in a classic martini with a twist or with seared prawns.
SCHIZANDRA: The newest member of the T&B family, these are sour, sweet, salty, tangy and fruity at once! Electrify your dressings & night caps.